Settlement negotiations never got off the ground or, after they did, never reached their final destination. Your civil trial is approaching and, understandably, you are unsure of what to expect.

Northern Illinois-area attorney Rob Cohen understands your anxiety. Beyond his other responsibilities in presenting your case competently and persuasively, Rob prides himself in assuaging his clients’ fears before trial. Know that he will do his best to prepare you for your big day. A confident client and witness is nearly always better than a nervous one.

Before Trial

Leading up to trial, Rob will frame your case. This involves filing the pleadings that will give you the best chance at getting a recovery.

The next step is known as discovery. This is the portion of the litigation process where each side hands over all information relevant to the case at hand. At this stage, you may be required to take a deposition, where your opponent will have an opportunity to ask you questions about the facts of the case. If you face a deposition, Rob will thoroughly prepare you for it.

In the weeks and months leading up to trial, Rob will come up with a trial strategy based on the evidence. If experts are necessary, Rob will find ones that can competently and persuasively explain the facts of your case.

In developing your trial strategy, Rob will also prepare you and the other witnesses for testimony, argue motions that can help limit the scope of the trial in a way that benefits you, and will begin to craft a theme that will be persuasive to the judge or jury hearing your case.

At Trial

Most trials are won beforehand, through fact-finding and motions that help to define the scope of your trial. In many instances, a trial is just the culmination of an inevitable result.

At the onset of trial, unless you have agreed to a bench trial where the judge is the fact-finder, Rob, along with opposing counsel, will select a jury through the process known as voir dire. Once the jury has been selected, the trial begins.

During trial, Rob Cohen will present effective opening and closing statements, examine witnesses in a way that benefits your case, and deliver the theme for your trial through the evidence and testimony.

Most importantly, because there can be surprises, Rob will remain vigilant throughout trial. He will do his best to make sure that any surprises in testimony are worked within the theme that he has established and that any discrepancy is used to your advantage.

After Trial

Once you are victorious at trial, Rob’s representation may or may not end. He will generally help you to recover the money you are owed. If there is an appeal, or you recognize the possibility of one beforehand, be sure to discuss with him whether he would be willing to represent you during one. His fee agreement can, but does not necessarily, bind you to him through your appeal.