Attorneys in and around Chicago are required to abide by the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct. While representing his clients, Rob Cohen makes sure to abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct. As his client, you can expect the following from his representation.


Rob has practiced law for a long time. During that time, he has gained invaluable experience that has made him a very astute advocate. Because of this experience, Rob is consistently able to deliver competent representation to his clients in a wide variety of practice areas. As a client, you will receive the same standard of representation.

If Rob realizes that he does not have the experience or knowledge you need in your representation, he will tell you so early, usually at your initial consultation. If this is the case, he will help you find another competent attorney that will protect your interests and rights.


Rob recognizes that problems in communication can mask whether someone is performing well or poorly. Rob will communicate with you regularly so that you know how your case is progressing and can evaluate his performance based on your expectations.

Rob will also communicate with you clearly and concisely. He understands that while your case is important to you, you also have a life to live. He will not waste your time with unnecessary details, but he will keep you apprised of the details that you need to know in a way that you can understand them.


The Rules of Professional Conduct require that attorneys keep what their clients tell them in confidence. Rest assured that as your advocate, Rob will keep what you tell him in confidence up to the point that he is required to disclose it to the court or you give him permission to use it in negotiations. Your attorney, whomever you hire, should be a trusted confidant. Rob Cohen fits that bill.

Trust Account

As your representative, your attorney has a duty to keep safe any of your property of which he or she is in possession. Generally, this requires them to keep any money connected to your representation separate from his or her own money in an interest or dividend bearing trust account. It also requires that other property shall be appropriately safeguarded.

Rob Cohen adheres to the requirement that he protect his clients’ property. You can rest assured that you will receive any property you entrust to him in the condition you left it.

Undivided Loyalty

Attorneys may not represent clients, or go after other parties, with whom they have a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest largely means how it sounds. Attorneys must not participate in cases in whose outcome they have an interest outside of their client’s interest.

Rob Cohen pledges undivided loyalty to all of his clients. Before accepting you as a client, he will check for conflicts of interest. Any time a party changes, which happens more than you may think, he will continue to make sure that he has no conflicts.