Fraud in Inducement

Fraud in inducement, also known as fraudulent inducement, occurs when one person induces another person to act in their favor through misleading information that is not within the contract or other legally-enforceable document. It most often applies in the area of contract law, where one party gets another to agree to something through trickery or … Continued

Payment Disputes

No contractor wants to face a payment dispute. Contractors need the money to make payroll and to pay their suppliers. An owner that holds off on payment can have a disastrous effect on their contractors. If you are in the midst of a payment dispute, know that you are protected by statute. Also know that … Continued

Delinquent Payments

One of the most frustrating aspects of running a small business is trying to collect what you are owed. Although the vast majority of your clientele pays on time, there are inevitably individuals who, for whatever reason, simply do not pay up. Small business owners with outstanding accounts often face a difficult choice in deciding … Continued

Disputes between Business Partners

A dispute with those you work with can be one of the most frustrating parts of our working life. Generally, but certainly not always, co-workers are like teammates. They have common goals and work with a sense of camaraderie. When work is not like this, it begins to appear a bit more like… work. It … Continued

Trust Disputes

Trusts are a legal relationship where property is held by one person to benefit another. There are three classes of people to understand in the world of trusts. The settlor creates the trust by placing property into it. The trustee oversees the trust, holding, maintaining, and hopefully improving the trust’s property. The beneficiary, or beneficiaries, … Continued