Robert Cohen Attorney at Law

Rob Cohen is an experienced civil litigator with 30 years of multi-state experience, including over 20 years in and around Chicago.  He is known for his patience, his willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that his clients receive what they deserve, and his ability to ease his client’s fears as they face the uncertainty of litigation.

When asked about his career accomplishments, Rob points to those cases that positively affected the lives of his clients rather than those that were the most dramatic or most lucrative for him.

Among his most memorable accomplishments, he lists:


  • Saving client’s homes from foreclosure.
  • Helping clients fight off government confiscation of their private property.
  • Solving disputes outside of the court system, saving all sides significant attorney’s fees and court costs.
  • Recovering $400.00 that an elderly desperately needed, which was withheld by her bank.
  • Helping a regional demolition company erase a $9 million account payable that allowed them to stay in business without downsizing or declaring bankruptcy.
  • Saving a client from a $50 million Superfund case.
  • Establishing new law making it easier for people to prove chemical injury.
  • Helping to write rules of law that ensured that those responsible paid their fair share of environmental cleanup.

Rob has also worked as a corporate in-house attorney, representing businesses and individuals in litigation, in environmental law, in construction law, in civil fraud cases, and as a business counselor.

Because of his varied experience, Rob is confident in his legal acumen. He is certain that he would do well if there was Legal Jeopardy, if anyone would watch such a thing.

Over the years, Rob has expanded his practice to give him more opportunities to represent the smallest of the small businesses and everymen who face civil disputes.

In doing so, he is pleased to bring his professionalism, kind ear, sense of humor, and ability to put people’s fears at ease to a new client base. If you are facing a civil law issue that you are unsure of how to deal with in and around Chicago, please do not hesitate to contact him for a free consultation.

Rob is originally from Southern California and attended the University of California at Berkeley during his undergraduate and law school career.

He lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his family.