What Does the Firm Do?  Ultimately, it Comes Down To One Thing.

Robert Cohen Attorney at Law

The Firm is, First, About Getting You Answers. 

Almost everyone who approaches an attorney has a question.   Perhaps half, as best, get satisfactory answers.  

The Rob Cohen Law Office, LLC will answer any questions you have.  In the first meeting you will know what you are facing.  You will find out what you need to do to get your problem solved.




The Firm Focuses on What’s Important.

Have you been sued?  That could be the most important problem on your plate.

Are you dealing with incapacity?  For whoever is suffering incapacity, that is by far the biggest problem.  For his or her family, paying for care may well become the issue of the day.

If you are owed something, if you have assets to protect, if you think you may have been cheated —  you don’t need a lecture on the law.  You need a solution.

The Firm’s Sole Focus is What the Law Can Do to Help You.