Do not pay for nursing home/long term care until you read  this article!

The Rob Cohen Law Office

No matter how much has been lost.  No matter what has happened.

Established in 2014, The Rob Cohen Law Office tackles one of the more obvious injustices in our society.  People who are neither rich nor poor cannot access legal services that they need.

The Firm was built around disputes often (but not always) described as complex commercial disputes.  While commercial litigation remains the firm’s backbone, the Firm’s attention is increasingly dedicated to payment for nursing homes, or “long term care.”

* It was never meant for people to be destitute without fault *

Routinely, now, people turn over their life’s savings in order to be cared for with dignity in their final years.   Sometimes, for all that, people get less than dignified care.  Either way, a lifetime of earning, property, savings, homes — are all gone.  As if it was never there.

This happens because many people think it must.  People say, “That’s the way it is” or “They just didn’t save enough money.”  Most everyone thinks, at some level, “it won’t happen to me”