The Rob Cohen Law Office

No matter how much has been lost.  No matter what has happened

Established in 2014, The Rob Cohen Law Office is young as a firm but rich in experience.  The firm brings nearly 30 years of knowledge, skill, and partnerships to litigation challenges of any size – and especially to complex problems of lesser size.

What We Do.  With a background in mid-range business, commercial, and insurance disputes, the firm looks at virtually all business or personal disputes. No case is too small. No case is too complicated.  Rob Cohen is dedicated at heart to helping people and small businesses get the help they need.  If you need representation and have been told “no,” the answer is not “no” until Rob Cohen has looked at your case.  You will immediately notice Rob’s fervor and dedication to his clients. Rob strives to see that his clients are pleased.  The Rob Cohen Law Office cannot promise the outcome of your case.  Rob Cohen does promise, though, devote his whole self to your case.

Our Resources.  When Rob Cohen moved to Chicago over 20 years ago, he had a start on what is now a network of contacts and partners located in the Midwest, the Eastern Seaboard, the South, and the Pacific Coast.  In addition to lawyers of the highest caliber in their fields, Rob can call on experts in forensic accounting, fraud accounting, business valuation, management, employment, professional negligence, environmental science, engineering and manufacturing.  The Rob Cohen Law Office can solve your litigation problem, or find someone who can.

Your Case Matters.  Don’t assume you can’t afford help