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Litigation, Lawsuits, and Disputes

My name is Rob Cohen.  I handle civil litigation.  If you think you might be involved in a legal dispute, don’t guess.  Call me, at 312.485.0893. 

In 32 years, I have handled matters from the routine to cases that are truly unique.  Every one of them started from a dispute that could have been resolved.  Steps taken now could make the difference, and allow you to avoid going to court at all.

On this site, I have described some previous experience with fraud, contract, partnership, fiduciary, insurance, construction, real estate, and other types of litigation.  Most of the time, though, people are more interested in what I can do for them, right now.  The only way to find out is give me a call.

As you consider your choice of attorneys, here is what other clients have said about me.

“[W]orked for me for the last 5 years. . . . excellent legal service . . . rates are very fair compared to the service I’ve received.”

“[O]ffered several options for a complex problem involving my business.”

“I was in a really tight spot . . . extremely kind.”

“[H]ighly trustworthy . . . looks for all angles to resolve the issue.”

“I am a fellow attorney with a [comparatively] small problem . . . . Rob was responsive and professional . . .he is a good person.”

Elder and Family Member

Construction Lawsuit