No matter how much has been lost.  No matter what has happened.

The Rob Cohen Law Office, LLC

The Rob Cohen Law Office, LLC has over thirty years’ experience obtaining great results in difficult matters. Upfront discussion of fees, giving a client a full understanding of the range of outcomes, and likely results.  The Firm handles the full range of litigation and trial, as well as incapacity planning, guardianship, probate, and elder law.

Lawsuits and Disputes                     Wills, Trusts, Elder Law

Contractors        Trustees                         Family Trusts             Elder Law

Insurance          Fiduciaries                       Estate Plans              Incapacity Planning

Partnerships       Probate Litigation             Medicaid Planning      Power of Attorney

Real Estate         Guardianship                   Probate                    Health Care Planning

Clients’ comments (from published reviews) —

[W]orked for me for the last 5 years. . . . excellent legal service . . . rates are very fair compared to the service I’ve received.

[O]ffered several options for a complex problem involving my business.

I was in a really tight spot . . . extremely kind.

[H]ighly trustworthy . . . looks for all angles to resolve the issue.

I am a fellow attorney with a [comparatively] small problem . . . . Rob was responsive and professional . . .he is a good person.

Elder and Family Member

Construction Lawsuit